About Me

Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, football fanatic, fitness/nutrition freak, homeschool guru, Beatles in my blood, giver of love, Jeep/beach girl, writer, painter, kayaker, wanderer….

I spent 23 years raising, homeschooling, coaching, and inspiring my four children, and all the children in my life. Even when I spent several years as a single, working, homeschooling mom, my life was still focused on children, education, and the community. Many of my hobbies, passions, and interests were put on hold during those years, but I gained so much in the trade off!

As each child graduated from our lifelong homeschool, people started to ask, “What WILL you do without homeschooling? It’s your WHOLE life! How do you even know who you are without children depending on you??”

My response to that was, simply, “Hold my water bottle!”

I set out to complete my degree in nutrition, moved to my beach island, became a certified health and wellness coach, a personal trainer, embarked on becoming certified as a Pilates instructor, and began blogging, creating positive content, and teaching, coaching and inspiring others to find their best health, wellness, and joy.

This blog is simply a reflection of my manifesting and cultivating my “new” life, my next chapter, my “best” life. And, hopefully offering some inspiration to those that wish to do the same. If you’d like guidance in embracing and creating your exciting new chapter in life, whether it be in health, creativity, wellness, stress relief, hormone balance, or just figuring it all out with clarity and passion, contact me!