Leaving Those Holidays in the Dust!

Oh my GOSH, the holidays are OVER and a fresh new year is laid out before us with unlimited possibilities! I hope your holiday season was FABULOUS, full of peace and fun, and that you are ready for new beginnings! How did it go with your healthy holiday habits?? I, personally, had a little battle with some incredible cream cheese sugar cookies that I tried baking for the first time…I got a little overzealous with the baking process and ended up making about 300 cookies-for THREE people! They were both beautiful and tasty, and I enjoyed making and sharing them, but a few days after Christmas, they beckoned me at all hours of the night until I finally woke up at 6am and threw them into the outside trashbin. All good, all things in moderation, and enjoy all the holiday yummy-but it was time to move beyond the holiday treats.

If you’re feeling like you overdid it, whether it be eating too much, eating foods you don’t generally eat, indulging in alcohol, or leaving your self-care or exercise in the dust, you CAN get yourself back to feeling more like yourself quickly by just following a few great tips. With the new year starting, many of us have plans for healthier routines to give us a healthier and happier life, and if this is YOUR plan, you may be wanting MORE than just a few tips to get you where you want to be. If so, consider getting a professional to guide you through your journey! Did you know-people that hire health and wellness coaches have THREE TIMES more success in reaching their goals!!! Now is a fabulous time to reach out to a health and wellness professional to set up your plans and goals for a successful New Year!!

I’m a degreed nutritionist, personal trainer, and certified health and wellness coach that’s READY to set up a personalized program that fits your life and your needs!! Don’t go it alone! Let’s talk about how 2023 can be a year of health, wellness, and SUCCESS for YOU!! I’d love to guide you there with the tools and motivation you deserve!! Feel free to reach out for a no pressure chat to see how we might best work together. In the meantime, give yourself a few days to try these basic tips out, and I’m sure you’ll be on your way to feeling great!

Get Rid of Holiday Treats

This is the first step in the process! And, by “get rid”, I don’t mean eat them!! Give them away, throw them out, freeze them for the next holiday, but remove them from your house! Grandma’s leftover pie, Aunt Jane’s mashed potatoes, leftover summer sausage and crackers-whatever it is, get rid of it! It will no longer be a temptation, and you will be so much happier with it GONE!

Stock Your Kitchen with Healthy Foods

That’s right-more grocery shopping! Stock up on the healthy food that you enjoy: fresh veggies, fruit, lean meats, and whole grain foods. Do a little meal planning and prep so that you have easy, ready-made, healthy choices available at all times. Be sure to pick up some healthy snacks as well like nuts, hummus, hardboiled eggs and yogurt. Keeping healthy food available will make mealtime so much easier during this busy time of year.

Eat Small Balanced Meals

Don’t try to “fix” your holiday overindulgence by cutting out meals; this will only set you up for cravings and possible binging. Instead, focus on small, balanced meals scheduled throughout the day. Focus on lean proteins like chicken, healthy fats like nut butters, high fiber foods like whole grains, and plenty of fresh veggies and fruit. If you need a little help figuring out the best choices, check out this article on basic nutrition.

Flush it All Out

Water is your best friend when it comes to getting over any period of overindulgence! It literally flushes the body clean, helps with digestion, removes bloating, and rehydrates the body. Alcohol and foods heavy in salt can dehydrate the body and make us feel sluggish, heavy, tired and even brain fogged. This dehydration can also show up in our skin, causing dryness, wrinkles, and an uneven complexion. Aim for 6-8 glass of water each day. To make this easier, try drinking a glass upon waking, before each meal, after any exercise, and a short time before retiring for the night. Getting the water in can be the quickest way to feel better!

Try Soups!

Get your balanced nutrition AND your water in at the same time with delicious broth based soups! Throw some broth into a pot, add your leftover turkey or another lean protein, and throw in some veggies and seasonings and let it simmer for an hour or so for a tasty, light, healthy, quick meal choice. For a great soup recipe with a big vitamin pack, try this Kale recipe that can easily be made with turkey instead of chicken, or no meat at all.

Cut the Alcohol

Whether or not you indulged in too much alcohol this holiday season, try to cut it from your diet for a few days. Alcohol wreaks havoc on our body systems and makes every part of our body work harder. It dehydrates us, causes fatigue, slows the metabolism, and causes all kinds of unpleasant reactions.  

Show Yourself Some Love

Going a little easy on yourself is always crucial to your health and well-being, but especially after overdoing it. Get a little extra rest, spend a little time being quiet and still, and see how it affects your stress levels. You may want to spend a little time in simple meditation, or just sitting in silence to regain your peace of mind and re-energize. The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time, so be sure to schedule time to just rest. If journaling is your thing-or you’d like to try it, consider thinking into the New Year and coming up with a “word” to define your future. 

 Consider a Sugar Detox

If you truly want to feel and see a huge change in your health rather quickly, consider doing a sugar detox. Sugar is in SO many foods, and we eat so much of it without even realizing. Sugar intake has a massive effect on the body, our hormones, our skin, our brain, our weight, and our emotions. Many people are addicted to sugar! To learn more about sugar addiction and see if sugar might be an issue in your diet, check out my latest freebie! It’s an eye opener on all things sugar related, and even includes a sugar addiction checklist. Giving up added sugar was the BEST thing I ever did for my health!

Find Support

If you are struggling to get back on track after the holiday, and worried about the holidays ahead, consider finding someone to support you. A friend, a relative, an online group, whomever it might be. Sharing support and encouragement while holding each other accountable and offering motivation can make all the difference. If you need a strong support system and personal guidance, inspiration and tools, consider speaking to a health coach. This can be a life changing decision! Setting up goals and plans that are JUST FOR YOU can make all the difference! If you’d like to chat about how this might work for you, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation-no hard sales, no pushing, no pestering-just conversation about YOU and what you need to feel and be your best!

Happy, Healthy, New Year!!


Set a Goal-Reach a Goal!

Hello Heathy Readers! It’s been a bit since I last posted because I was focused on reaching a goal I had set for myself! After a few decades, I finally got recertified as a personal trainer! It required a few months of study, a lot of focus, and a rather crazy end story concerning my final exam, but I passed with flying colors and can now tuck that long term goal away in my “accomplished” folder.(if curious, you can read about my crazy exam issue at the end of this post) All of this got me thinking about how we go about setting and, hopefully, reaching all those goals as we travel through life. Whether your goal is related to work, school, health or hobbies, having a clear-cut plan to reach your goal is the key. Why do some people reach their goals, while others just seem to talk about, or wish for, their goals to be completed-but never seem to make progress? The difference is all in the approach!

The very first thing we need to do when setting goals is to be very clear on what the end goal is-what does it look like in your life? How will it affect your life? Does the end goal make you excited? Is it a priority in your future? Is it a priority now? Defining your goal is the first step to reaching it-but be sure to define it clearly and concisely. Take a few minutes to write your goal down and consider making your goal public as well. Saying your goal out loud to the people around you can keep you accountable, and even elicit encouragement and support.

Next, make sure your goal is a SMART goal! SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Based.

SPECIFIC: Be sure that your goal is specific and detailed. Instead of setting a goal to “get fit” think more detailed. Consider setting a more specific goal that involves being fit, like running a certain distance, participating in an athletic endeavor, or lifting a certain amount of weight. This provides you with an end result that proves accomplishment!

MEASURABLE: How will you measure your success as you reach for your goal? Breaking your goal into small measurable pieces will keep you motivated and inspire you to continue on! Measurable mini goals are the small steps that lead you to big changes! Instead of aiming for a giant goal like “lose 25 pounds” all at once, break that goal into small goals, perhaps 5 pounds at a time. Each time your reach a small goal, celebrate yourself and aim forward to the next!

ATTAINABLE: Be sure your goal is possible yet somewhat challenging. I once knew someone that always said that their goal in life was to win the lottery. However, in a 10 year period, they never once bought a lottery ticket! That’s not a goal-that’s a wish or a dream! Make sure your goal is something you CAN do with work and WILL do with focus!

RELEVANT: Align your goal with your abilities and life. Be sure that your goal leads you to a more positive and happy existence and leaves you feeling accomplished and proud. Your goal should keep you inspired and motivated as you work towards it and mean something to your current life.

TIME BASED: Your goal should fit a timeline and have an ending date. Not having a time frame in mind for accomplishing your goal can leave you in a state of procrastination with a lack of focus.

Now that you made sure your goal is SMART, it’s time to plan it out. I’m a planner; I’m such a planner, I sometimes get so exhausted planning HOW I will do something, I find myself needing to take a break from my plans to regain my inspiration! That said, the plan you put in place does not have to be set in stone, or even incredibly detailed. Think of this as an “outline” of how you will reach your goal. Break it down into small steps and give yourself props as you reach those milestones along the way. This will keep both your focus and your inspiration high.

Once your goal is outlined, decide how often you will take the steps needed to reach it. Will this be a daily journey? A weekly task? How much time will you devote to achieving the goal? Next-put it physically on your schedule! Block time out on your calendar, create reminders, and treat this timeslot as you would any other appointment or job. This is YOUR time; this is time for accomplishing your goal. Treat it with respect, importance, focus, and honor this time as an investment into yourself.

Consider finding support and accountability as you progress towards your goal. Telling others your plan will make it more real. Discussing your goals and the steps you need to take with others may offer you new ideas or perspective as well. Finding others that may share your goal can be incredibly helpful with support, knowledge, motivation, or inspiration.

Set up time to evaluate your process, celebrate your accomplishments, and make changes to any steps that may need it. Ask yourself: What worked for me? What didn’t work for me? What might need tweaking? How can I approach this differently? What can I do to make this process simpler? Remember-the journey that leads us to our goals is often as important as the goal itself.

Reaching our goals requires patience, planning, focus, and drive. Finding the right mindset is very important in this process. Surround yourself with positive support and vibes, develop a plan for any possible setbacks, and whatever you do-DON’T GIVE UP! Keep your eye on the prize, take small steps with diligence and care, and you will WIN!

Many of our goals involve our health and wellness. If you are looking for support, knowledge, education, and experience with planning and reaching your goals in nutrition, fitness, habits, stress levels, meal planning, or any other facet of your ultimate wellness, reach out to me to chat about how I can help you better reach your goals. Be sure to check out other articles on my blog for detailed health hacks, recipes, motivation and more.

*As promised-the crazy final exam story: I spent 6 months studying, opened the final exam and instantly saw questions about subject matter that was NOT addressed in my program. I contacted the school to discover after several long, confusing phone calls, that while I had been given, and studied, edition 9 of the text-the school gave me the edition 10 final exam. They sent me pdfs of the addition subject matter (175 pages!) and told me to do my best.

I waded through the additional materials, made some sense of it, took notes, and reopened the exam. As I answered question 100 out of 200, my phone rang…..The student advisor apologized and told me they had upgrade my course to edition 10….but in doing so-canceled out my entire exam and I had to START OVER…


Goal accomplished tho!!

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Looking for Some Fresh Inspiration?

We are one month into 2022 and spring weather is hopefully right around the corner! It’s been a long, cold, dark winter here on my island in the southeast-we even had snow! I’ve stuck to my winter workout plans consistently, but I am SO ready to get back outside to bike, hike, beachcomb, kayak and paddleboard under the warm sun! I hope that your winter weather has not been too horrible, and that you’ve managed to stay active in recent months.

Sticking to those health and wellness plans that we tend to make at certain parts of the year can be hard! We start out excited and motivated, but for many, after a bit of time, we tend to feel tired, burned out, or lacking in motivation. When that happens, we need something to get us excited and motivated again-and that’s where this blog post comes in!! If you are feeling slightly less than motivated this winter, let’s try to shake it up and get refocused and excited again with some new ideas!!

Try Some New Recipes

Adding some healthy new recipes to your life is always a great way to mix up your goals and get excited about those meals. Try adding a new fruit or vegetable to your diet each week or preparing old favorites in a new way. Switch out your proteins in your favorite recipes to get a new taste-instead of beef chili, try chicken, or even tofu, and see what you think. Adding new recipes to our weekly rotation is a great way to change things up. If you’re looking for a whole new set of healthy superfood recipes, check out my free cookbook with 19 awesome recipes made with only FIVE ingredients each!

Try New Movement

Our exercise routines can get monotonous fast, so mix it up a bit. The BEST decision I ever made was to try a reformer Pilates class last spring! I was feeling bored with my usual strength workouts and while I love yoga, it wasn’t giving me the burn I was looking for. I tried Pilates reformer, and I was hooked. I then added group Pilates mat classes several times a week to my routine and I have never been more excited to exercise! Look for new ways to add movement to your routine and see what you truly enjoy. The BEST workout is one that brings you joy, and a workout that you WILL get done!!

Buy Some New Workout Clothes or Gear

This was my latest “go to”. The long, dark, cold days here at the beach had me feeling lazy and wanting to do little but cozy up under a blanket and binge watch Netflix until spring. As I dressed for my 7am Pilates class in the pitch black dark one morning, I realized-my winter workout clothes were an uninspiring multitude of many shades of gray. I spent the afternoon online ordering new workout gear with pops of bright colors, and the following week I was feeling joy as I put on my bright pink gear to head to class on a freezing, gray day.

Try a New Playlist or Two

Music can be very inspiring to most people and has been proven to change our mood. Whenever I’m in a funk, I put on music to lighten my mood, and it ALWAYS works. I often blast music when I am cooking or cleaning, and it lifts my spirits and gives me energy. Choosing the right music for your workouts can be a game changer. My original game changing song was Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. It’s impossible for me to hear it and NOT feel like moving my body. If you have playlists for your workout, consider creating a few new lists. Add some songs from your younger days or find a genre that gets your heart pumping. Having a variety of playlists ready to choose from will make your exercise time more enjoyable for sure!

Find Support

If you need a real push to get your health and wellness plans in gear, consider finding some support through friends or groups-online or in person. Having a friend or two to encourage you to workout/set goals/plan meals can really inspire you to get it done. Sharing ideas, recipes, and workout space will only add to your motivation, provide accountability,  and help push you to succeed. I have found that when I am with a supportive friend, my walks and bike rides get longer, my workouts go by faster, and I am more inclined to “show up”. Find those friends and get the support you need!

Try a Challenge

Being challenged always gets me moving. I like a little competition-whether it’s with a group or just within myself. Challenges can be anything you want them to be! Challenge yourself to hit a certain number of steps each month, or to find and add several new recipes to your meals each month. Set up challenges with your friends to see who walks the most miles or completes the most workouts. Join an online group or program that holds challenges each week or month. (Openfit app challenges are the BEST and keep me inspired month after month!)

Change Your Routine

If you’re feeling as though you’re truly in a rut and need to shake things up to get your mojo back, consider changing your routine. Maybe evening workout would work better for you, maybe your current eating plan needs a change-whatever it is that is not leaving you feeling motivated or inspired-CHANGE IT!  Give some changes a try and see how it goes-you can always change it back if it doesn’t fit your life.

Hire a Health Coach or Trainer

This is where people like me enter the picture! If you’re truly in need of support, motivation, new ideas, and knowledgeable guidance, consider hiring a health coach or a trainer. These people are educated and trained to help you find what works best for you, help you outline the small steps you need to reach ultimate success, and offer the motivation and support that you need to reach your goals. Personalized guidance and done for you plans can make all the difference in finding the absolute BEST in health and wellness for you. If you’d like to chat about how a health and wellness coach can help you reach those goals, reach out to me: Sami@beewell.com and let’s chat-no pressure!

Forget Those Resolutions! (It’s About Routines)

Hello dear readers, and blessings of the New Year ahead of us! Despite my best intentions, I found the end of 2021 quite exhausting, and though I spent a wonderful holiday with my family, I felt great need to take a step back from my business duties and practice a bit of self-care. I hope the holidays treated you with joy, and you were surrounded by much love and peace.

As we head into this new year, I am feeling very aware of the emotional impact the last few years has brought us during pandemic, and I take that into consideration as I write my New Years post. In the past, my excitement for a fresh new beginning was very evident in my writings, and I wrote of setting goals and making changes with nothing but inspiration and motivation in hopes that most would be feeling the same way. I realize, after speaking with friends, family, and clients, that for many, excitement for the new year has diminished to simple hopes, a sense of uncertainty, and a bit of exhaustion.

Usually, at this time of year, I encourage people to find a word to be their defining start to the new year. In recent years I have focused on yearly words like “boundaries”, “balance”, and “mindfulness”. I would choose a word to set my intention for the year, and work towards that one word as needed in all aspects of my life. (My word, when heading into 2020 was “balance”, it may have saved me, or perhaps, just simply been an impossible word!)

Although I absolutely believe in my “word of the year” philosophy, and I encourage you to give it a try, I decided to encourage another line of thought as we head into this new year. That thought is-take charge of the things you CAN control, and secondly, simply focus on finding some joy!

In this time of constant change and uncertainty, we absolutely hold the capacity to control some of the most important aspects of our being. We have the power to control how we nourish our bodies, how we tend to our physical well-being, how we manage the stress.that is placed upon us daily, and the control of our spirit-creatively, passionately, and mindfully. In the general busyness of life, it is easy to lose sight of the ability to control these things, and in turn, we ultimately pay the price with feeling and being unwell, feeling fatigued, and losing interest in the things that can bring us joy and contentment.

I encourage you to put routines ahead of resolutions this year. Creating routines in life builds habits and allows us to ease into making time for the things that bring us joy. Take a moment and consider these questions:

~What routines could you create in your daily or weekly life that would help you achieve the life you desire?

~What routines can you create that will lead you to find the health and wellness you desire? ~When approaching this new year, who do you want to surround yourself with to ensure feelings of happiness and love?

~And, lastly, what things do you want to add to your life to bring yourself joy, and how can you create a routine that brings those things into your life enough to FEEL that joy?

Taking some time to consider these questions, instead of making some huge, blanket, lofty resolution of change, can help provide some clarity, and clarity is what helps us see where/who we are, and where/who we wish to be. Once we have clarity, it’s only a matter of planning and taking the SMALL steps that can ultimately lead us to making BIG changes in our lives over time.

When exploring the prospect of finding the life you desire, consider journaling your ideas, plans and thoughts as we start this new year. In 2018, I began journaling regularly in hopes of discovering who I was going to “be” after 22 years of devoting myself to homeschooling four children. Journaling led to sketching, which led to painting, and I began to tap into the artistic and creative side of myself that had been completely focused towards educating my family for so many years. It brought me a sense of renewed joy that I had long forgotten.

If health and wellness is a focus of your upcoming year, be sure to set SMART goals for yourself. Smart goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goals. These are small goals with reasonable objectives that can be reached without frustration or pressure, which makes them easier to achieve with many small successes along the way. Instead of making a resolution to say, lose 20 pounds or eat a cleaner diet, a SMART goal would focus on cutting out sodas or sweets, or perhaps planning your meals out for better nutrition. Adding to these small goals as you move with success will lead you to your bigger goals. It’s the small steps, one by one, that provide us with the motivation and inspiration to continue our journey towards the big changes! As you plan your small steps, create a routine to ensure that they become a part of your daily life-a HABIT! Building upon these small routines (habits) as you go will create a pathway to success.

When planning out your goals, be sure to know your ultimate WHY. Knowing your WHY will always bring you back to the inspiration you need when things seem tough. The WHY is the thing that keeps us focused as we complete the small steps along the way and is the main purpose of achieving our ultimate goals. Deciding to run a 5K is a great goal-but WHY do you want to accomplish it? How will it make you feel? How will it lead to positive changes in your life? Losing 25 pounds can better your health, get you into clothes that you love, and make you happier with the scale-but the WHY may be more important; perhaps you want more energy, perhaps it’s needed for better health, or maybe it’s because you want to feel more confident about doing activities you enjoy. Every goal has a true WHY. Be sure to find yours, write it down, keep it visible, make it a part of each day. Use that WHY to plan the SMART steps and routines you need to hit those small goals, and each small success will bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

If nutrition plays a part in your goals, be sure to start small. Cutting out ALL the foods you love only sets you up for failure. Some examples of small steps that can lead you to success would be cleaning processed snack foods out of your pantry, buying and preparing more fresh vegetables, replacing sugar drinks with water, learning more about basic nutrition, setting up a pattern of meal prep and planning or removing sugar from your diet. Pick one goal to work on each week, creating a routine, and adding another goal and routine as you find your success each week. A routine could be adding a new fruit or vegetable to your diet each time your grocery shop or making sure you start each day with a glass of water. Add to these as you go.

If adding more movement to your life is a goal, follow the same idea. First, find something you enjoy! If you hate to run, don’t pick running. If you have no access to a pool, don’t pick swimming. (seems crazy-but I’ve literally had clients do this!) If you enjoy dancing, try a dancing workout. If you haven’t worked out in forever, and have no idea where to start, try a little yoga to get you moving, stretched, and limber. Plan your choice of exercise, make sure you have the equipment needed, and physically schedule your workout times on your daily calendar. Start small-2 days a week for 20 minutes and build on days and times as you hit each goal. And, if you can’t seem to find an exercise you are comfortable with, just WALK. Add distance each day, explore new areas and routes, and just get out and move. Make it part of your daily or weekly routine, and it will be a habit that is easy to build upon.

If general wellness is your goal for the year, consider the 8 pillars of wellness and decide which one will bring you the most satisfaction first. The pillars are nutrition, movement, emotional well-being, hobbies/creativity, intellectual growth, sleep, spiritual health, and relationships. When these pillars are balanced, we find overall wellness. Which pillar feels most unbalanced in your current life? How can you grow within it? How does the unbalance affect the other pillars of wellness in your life? Discover this, and that is where you need to start. If you are lacking in sleep, you are likely too tired to get proper exercise, or maybe being tired affects how you plan (or don’t plan) your meals. Focus on your sleep routine, create a healthy sleep routine, and see how that affects your overall life. Building healthy habits in one of these areas is likely to have a positive effect on other aspects.

Find time for a little joy in your life this year. Times have been challenging and we all need a bit more joy in our lives! If you are not sure where to find joy, take some time to think about a time in your life when you had more joy. Perhaps a hobby or favorite pastime that has been forgotten over the years is waiting to be rediscovered! Spend a little time and thought and explore what it was that brought you happiness at a more joyful time of life, and bring it back-add it to your routine, and build on it!

I’m wishing you happiness and great health and wellness in this new year! If you are considering acquiring assistance with your goals, I hope that you will reach out to me to chat about how health and wellness coaching can greatly change your life. I do not sell products, and I am not salesy/pushy in my approach. My only goal is to reach, motivate, educate, and inspire others to find and live their best, healthiest, most joy filled life possible. My education, experience, training and knowledge, mixed with personal motivation and inspiration focused on YOU and YOUR life provide a path to success and great health! Please feel free to contact me to see how I can help you reach your goals.

Be sure to check out my newest freebie, The Not So Sweet Ultimate Guide to Sugar Addiction


Meditation for Real People

I recently wrote about getting a good, quality, night’s sleep, and in that article, I mentioned meditation (something that helped me-the chronic, lifelong, insomniac) get some rest. I realized, shortly after posting the article, that the word “meditation” often gets a weird response. Some people envision dancing hippies, or cultist beings, while others just laugh in confusion and discomfort. So, today, in deep respect to the idea and concept of meditation, I’d like provide a little education and info!

Meditation has been a part of my life for a very long time. It took me a very long time to realize that, when it is a regular part of my routine, my life seems calmer and easier to navigate. When I get away from it for long periods of time, I inevitably come back to it after finding myself stressed, exhausted, and very ungrounded. Life gets chaotic, and for me, having 4 teenagers in the house, homeschooling them through graduation, and being very active in their activities and sports should have been a perfect time to practice lots of meditation-but I abandoned it in the crazy schedules! After the last child graduated, and I ventured to the beach for early pandemic, I found my routine again, and it was life changing. It is now a daily routine for me, if only for 10 or 15 minutes.

My youngest, now 20, called me inquiring about meditation a few months back, something I found to be quite fascinating because it’s so not “him”. He was having trouble turning his mind off and getting a decent amount of sleep, and had tried many of my suggestions with little relief. I had suggested meditation several times, but it was his number 1 quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who put it into his head. Rodgers spoke about discovering yoga and meditation during an interview, explaining why meditation has become an important part of his daily routine: “Finding time, without the TV on or the phone, to sit in silence is healing”, he said. “To be able to quiet your mind and have intentions and focus on the things that are important to you and kind of drown everything away. We live in a world where we’re just constantly being distracted and we need stimulation.” This spoke to my son, and he began a journey of meditation to quiet his mind, and ultimately, better sleep and a clearer head. (Thank you, Aaron!)

Basic meditation is simply about finding stillness, quieting the mind, and calming the body-and who doesn’t need a little of that in our lives?

There are so many science-based benefits of meditation! Literally, many of the daily anxieties, mood swings, stressors, and aches and pains most people experience can be lessened or removed by a short daily practice of meditation.

Benefits include:

*Focus and redirection of thoughts

*Generates a positive mood

*Helps with habit building

*Develops discipline

*Helps with pain tolerance

*Promotes stress relief

*Controls anxiety and feelings of anger or fear

*Promotes emotional health

*Enhances self awareness

*Lengthens attention span

*May reduce age related memory loss

*Generates feelings of kindness

*Improves the quality of sleep

*Decreases blood pressure

As you can see, the benefits of meditation are varied and amazing! I have experienced just about every benefit on this list, and more. It is a practice that is easy to learn, requires very little to get started, and has immediate impact on your wellbeing.

So-if you’re ready to get started on a simple habit that will change your life quickly, I’m ready to teach you how-all you need to do is find at least 10 minutes in your daily life to follow through. Perhaps it will be when you wake, or during a work break, or even right before bedtime-but PLANNING to do it and following through is the only small obstacle keeping you from reaping ALL the benefits that await you! You can do this just about anywhere-sitting on your porch, visiting your favorite place in nature, while bathing, or simply just by putting down your phone, turning off the noise, and enjoying some peace in your day.

How to Meditate

~Setup your space and check your surroundings. Your meditation space should be quiet and peaceful, and remain that way for at least 10 minutes. Close doors, turn off your phone, and plan to be in a quiet space for the time allotted.

~Wear comfortable clothes, or loosen any clothing that may be restrictive or tight. You may want to remove your shoes, belts, hats, etc. Be as comfortable as possible.

~Relax, sit comfortably with your feet on the floor, or find a comfortable position where your legs are relaxed and at ease, or even lie down if you like.

~Breathe deeply to relax, focus on your each individual breath, breathing in through the nose, deep into your lungs, then slowly release through the mouth. Find a rhythm in your breathing, and place your focus on the sound.

~Allow eyes to close, gently. This will help you focus on the breathing, and remove distractions from the mind.

~Check in with yourself. Are you comfortable? Do you need to adjust your position? Remove your socks? Is the tag in your shirt itchy? Notice your senses, bring awareness to your body, and adjust as needed.

~Scan your body, make sure each body part is relaxed. Wiggle your toes, circle your neck if it feels tight, etc. RELAX and BREATHE.

~Simply breathe and BE. Be still, be quiet, be calm.

Upon Finishing

~Let it go, release yourself slowly, and allow yourself to sit with our thoughts for a moment.

~After completing your time, avoid sudden movements-bring your body out of this calm state slowly, be kind to your body, and gentle in your movements.

~Hold yourself with loving kindness for the positive being that you are, let go, walk forward, live with a true heart, and go on with your day.

I hope that this article has inspired you to take a few moments to meditate each day, and perhaps even start a journey into deeper, more intentional meditations to change your existence in your life. Meditation as a regular practice can have a huge impact on everything that you do, and as you learn more, and practice more, you will see amazing things happen in every aspect of your life-mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you would like to explore meditation more in depth, or are interested in finding a personal wellness plan to works for your life and goals, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to talk about your health and wellness journey!

That Simple Word for 2020

2020 has brought us a new year, a new decade, and an entirely new slate to write our lives upon! In embracing this wealth of new beginnings, there comes the typical conversation about resolutions: the new diet, the new exercise program, the kicking of a bad habit…But, often these resolutions fall quickly by the wayside, as our mouths fill with treats, our treadmill becomes a storage shelf, and those old habits continue to mindlessly find their way into our busy lives.

Instead of resolutions, I’ve taken to having a word for the year. After carefully examining all the “resolutions” I want to set, I look for the deeper picture. Last year, as 2019 came into view, I knew I needed to remove toxic people from my life, as well as find more “me” time to focus on the things that made me healthy and happy. Putting these thoughts into actual resolutions was difficult, because it was simply too vast to break down. I decided to pick an encompassing word: BOUNDARIES.

Boundaries became my mantra. Whenever I was put into a situation that felt toxic, or felt like it was against my need for “me”, I looked for the boundary that was not clear, quickly locked it into place without emotion, and found myself moving directly past the guilt or exhaustion that often came with those situations. This worked with my adult children, my employees, and with “friends” that were probably not truly friends. It also put the final nail in some past relationships that I had been desperately trying to remove myself from for years.

As I walked toward 2020, I pondered many words to express my new beginning and the days to come. My newly found “me” time had led me to a new part time home at the beach, a renewed love for painting, writing, inspiring, and a chance to once again find the person that had gotten silenced during 22 years of raising and home educating children. I was yearning to delve deeper into my journey, into my passions, and I wanted a word to reflect that. I considered several: creativity, passion, art, vision…But, being the always complex, multi-tasking type of person I am, I realized those words, right now, would only lead me to brain fog and exhaustion as they were simply, for now, too focused.

I realized that my new lifestyle-traveling from one home to another-had me living as an “on vacation, me time, undistracted” person for a period of time, only to quickly return to being a caregiver, homemaker, business person who had little time or energy for the things I loved. Week to week, month to month, my life was a little scattered and exhausting. Projects lost their vision, passion quickly got forgotten, and it was tiring.

So, I needed a word, a mantra, to grasp ALL of these feelings, to pull them together, and to make sense of all those thoughts and ideas bouncing in my mind…And I found it. BALANCE!

BALANCE will be the word that I repeat in my head when I’m making my schedules, when I’m journaling my goals, when my heart is pulling me to a new creative project, a new travel adventure, a new marketing idea for my business. BALANCE encompasses ALL I hope to accomplish-the writing, the beach walks, the exercise programs, the mentoring and inspiring of followers….BALANCE makes it all seem possible.

As you, the reader, enters this new awakening of a year, a decade, beginning, search your heart and mind for all the things you want to see in your life, and find that encompassing word that holds them together…Then repeat it. Every day, every time you have a choice to make-for life is so many choices-repeat that word, use it to lead you, to teach you, to hold you to your goals.

Blessed New Year. Make this the year of YOU!