“I Just Don’t Have Time to Exercise!”

I had a few friends check in with me recently after seeing me announce my business and my new website. “You look so well!” They proclaimed, and went on to talk about my photos and living life at the beach. I told them about my walks, my biking, and how nice it was that it was pretty much still warm here all the time. Then, they admitted that they “had to do something” because COVID restrictions had led them to become out of shape and not feeling their best. “I don’t feel safe at my gym” one said, as the other person spoke of feeling unmotivated and down. Another simply said, “I just don’t have time to workout.” Welcome to life in 2020, where just about everything seems harder than it should be. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

The benefits of exercise are enormous-and many of those benefits can be a real game changer to “life in 2020”. Feeling depressed and unfocused? Exercise can help with that! Feeling as though you’ve lost muscle or strength? Feeling tired and run down? Not able to sleep as soundly as you did in 2019? The answer, my friends, is EXERCISE!

Now, I know, I know…if you’re tired and depressed, or not sleeping well, thinking about exercise just make you more tired and more depressed. But if you can get your mind moving in the right direction, and just take a little bit of motivation from this blog post, maybe taking a few small steps towards the goal of more movement is just the way to get you headed in the right direction.

SEX….Ok, now I may have your attention!!!! Did you know that regular exercise helps boost and improve your sex life?? Exercise gets your cardiovascular system going, pumps more blood to the “important” areas of your body, tones your muscles, increases your flexibility, and increases your stamina and drive. Exercise helps with erectile dysfunction, and can increase libido no matter your age. Maybe THAT’S the benefit that may appeal to many of my readers the most!!;) So, get moving you hottie!

Most of us associate working out to diet and weight goals, whether it’s to lose weight, or gain muscle mass. Exercise, of course, is a major factor in changing our bodies and becoming healthier. Aerobic (cardio) exercise increases our calorie burn, making weight loss a bit easier, and works even better when paired with some resistance or weight training. Adding this type of movement to your life a few times a week can also help burn that stubborn belly fat that seems to sneak on after a certain age. And, the best part? Each time you get some regular exercise, you boost your energy level just a bit more-giving you more energy for the next workout and for life in general!

Other benefits of regular exercise are: better sleep, more enjoyable rest days, decreased anxiety and depression, a reduced risk of chronic illness, better brain function, stronger bones and muscles (especially as we age), and healthier, less aged, skin. The hormones released during exercise increase wellness throughout the ENTIRE body system! So, let’s do this!!

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